Traditional Comfort gets Gold Certified for Accommodation Sustainability

Traditional Comfort – A Boutique Hotel recently received Gold Certification from Travelife for Accommodation Sustainability, making it one of the handful hotels in Nepal to get the certification. Travelife is an international sustainability accreditation body which has been approved by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. By receiving the certification, Traditional Comfort has complied with criteria related to sustainability management systems, environmental management, labor and human rights, community integration, suppliers and customers, and established itself as a role model in sustainable accommodation in Nepal. Hotels receive the certification upon an independent on-site audit and are audited every two years to ensure they maintain their compliance with the sustainability standards.

The Travelife certification is a recognition of Traditional Comfort’s efforts to be a responsible hotel. Since its establishment in 2016, Traditional Comfort has taken many initiatives to become sustainable. These efforts include powering all the LED lights in the hotel by solar energy, instituting water saving practices, using recycled paper, pens and pencils for guests, providing purified clean water in glass jars rather than plastic bottles and giving preference to local goods and services. Every item in the hotel like the wooden carved beams, the wooden beds, the bronze fixtures and the ankhi jhyal (traditional windows) are hand-made by local craftspeople from Patan and Bungamati. In addition to this, Traditional Comfort is committed to investing in well-being of its staff.